by Charl Ashley
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It’s no secret that the post-COVID job market is booming, and with applying on LinkedIn and other job sites easier than ever, you may be asking yourself: do I really need a recruiter? Isn’t adding an extra party just further complicating what can feel like a long process? We don’t think so, so we are here to answer the question of why use a recruitment agency to find a job – broken down into five reasons, because we know you’re busy…

1. Saves your (precious) time

The benefits of using a recruitment agency are huge, if like most tech professionals: you’re likely short on time to spend on a job search but full of know-how that makes you extremely lucrative in the market.

Job searching, reading through specs, and researching companies can take hours. Specialist recruiters exist to take the hassle out of job searching and already have long-standing relationships in your industry. They are also most likely recruiting for more than one job for the companies making big moves in their sector, so one conversation could lead to multiple potential opportunities. They know everything about a role(s) and have spent hours finding out all it will entail and the career progression in a company, so you don’t have to – and you get access to all of this for free!

A quick chat with a recruiter and they can figure out your must-haves and would-be-nice desires for your next role, to ensure they find the tech job that ticks all your boxes. Let them organise your interview(s), paperwork and more, and be your own career concierge when it comes to finding the match of your dreams, and save you a huge amount of time in the process. Perhaps best of all, a recruiter may come to you with an opportunity you maybe wouldn’t consider on paper(like working for a start-up or in a new industry), but on talking to you they see you could be a great fit – and you never know, it could be just what you’re looking for!


2. They really know your market and the company

‘What does a recruitment consultant do?’, some people may ask. We can’t speak for all of them of course, but the good ones get to know the companies they work with inside and out and know who will slot into a team and hit the ground running.

You want your next job to be a great fit across all areas and to do this you need to know:

The company culture  (beyond the front of a website)

What the salary actually could be (beyond ‘competitive’ or a broad range)

Which projects you’ll be working on

What their tech stack is like

Remote/office time reality (whether set in stone or any flexibility)

Working with a recruiter allows you to gauge the culture and social side of an employer, negotiate any flexibility (or find out if there is more if you’re specifically looking for an office/remote split), as well as ensure you’re getting paid exactly what you should for the market rate and your experience (their pay literally is based on getting you the best salary!)

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3. You can be fully open with them about what you want

We realise it can sometimes be challenging to have conversations regarding salary expectations, why you’re leaving your current role and your ideal work flexibility/time in the office directly with a potential new employer. Having your next move supported by a recruiter allows you to really be honest about what you want and allow them to do the hard work to get it – especially useful when it comes to salary negotiation!

This minimises the risk of making the wrong career move, and all the stress that comes with that, and having to move roles yet again.


4. Get direct feedback (and no ghosting!)

Ever put your CV and/or cover letter forward or gone for an interview and never heard back from a company or had to wait for ages for a follow-up? Yeah, we’re not fans of that either – this is why some recruiters (including us) only work with clients that meet a certain standard when it comes to how they operate. The best recruiters will be in touch with you and their client throughout the process, and communicate honestly at each stage – and you, in turn, can benefit from getting feedback as soon as possible, and share how you’re feeling at each stage.


5. Know the full process and time-frames for receiving an offer

Everyone’s on the same page when you work with an experienced recruiter – no confusion, lack of communication about stages and the decision-making process when it comes to hiring, and as clear time-frames as possible.

Quality recruiters understand that there’s nothing worse than not knowing the times things are going to be moving at when you’re ready to move on and have a notice period to work, so they do everything within their power to get feedback for you.

Overall, think of a recruiter (especially more specialist ones focused on one particular market, like tech) as your free career concierge – here to listen to your needs and find you something special that’s going to enhance your working life. They’re in your corner, and are rewarded to get you in front of decision-makers and shout about how great you are, and go that extra mile beyond what an online CV send can!


So, have we convinced you to use a recruiter to find your next job?

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