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i-Q | Intelligent Talent Acquisition

i-Q is our candidate research, qualification, assessment and delivery process that is unique in mining executive search. The process achieves new employee retention rates of 96% over 12 months and 93% over two years. 

We’re so confident in i-Q, that it comes with an industry leading candidate replacement policy should things not work out.

i-Q combines recognised tools, such as McQuaig® behavioural profiling, with a bank of role specific, competence-based questions.

By combining this cutting edge online tool with our extensive sector expertise, you will:

Save TIME Defining the Role

Figuring out exactly the kind of candidate you’re looking for and creating a job description to match can be a time-consuming headache. But a simple job survey, lasting around 15 minutes, completed either by yourself or by your existing employees that hold similar positions, will produce a detailed description of the ideal characteristics you’re looking for, many of which can be inserted straight into your job description.

Save TIME By Conducting Fewer Interviews

A CV tells you whether a person has the ideal qualifications and job history but usually it’s impossible to tell if a person has the right attitude until you interview them. Behavioural assessment, on the other hand, can provide you with that information in a fair and objective fashion. So if, for example, you have 10 candidates that look great on paper, a behavioural assessment can help you reduce that shortlist to a more manageable number, and leave you with a much faster interview process.

Save TIME and MONEY on Training and Induction

An often overlooked feature of behavioural assessment is its ability to tell you the training and management styles to use to get the best results from your new employee. Getting your new recruit up to speed quickly and making them feel comfortable in the role is not only a time-saver but it also reduces the expenses incurred through commercial downtime

Save TIME and MONEY Reducing Employee Turnover

We’ve already mentioned the fact that behavioural assessment reduces employee turnover, but have you ever stopped to consider just how expensive and time-consuming it can be to replace a bad hire?  Aside from the fact that you have to spend time and money, repeating the recruitment process all over again, you also have to repeat the expense of training and induction for the eventual replacement. And it’s almost impossible to put a price on the potential for lost business and the reduced employee morale that occurs while the position remains vacant.


- Executive summary written by a UR Consultant 

- Candidate video introduction

- Written or video responses to your questions  

- Key role-specific competency questionnaire results

- McQuaig® behavioural assessment

- Competency benchmark graph

- Candidate references

- Full candidate CV

- Profile photo

Profiles are available anytime and anywhere. You can discuss the candidates by standard teleconference or share your thoughts with your colleagues on i-Q.


Candidates appreciate being more involved:

- Many candidates are accustomed to sending a recruitment consultant a CV and then waiting to hear the result. i-intro®, by comparison, is a breath of fresh air, affording them a genuine opportunity to highlight the areas of their skills and experience that they feel are most relevant.

Candidates get to look behind the curtain:

- Because they are involved with the creation of their job profile, candidates have a reasonable idea of what the employer is going to see. This contrasts favourably with traditional recruitment processes in which the candidate is reliant almost entirely on feedback from the consultant.

Candidates feel more significant:

- Instead of just being another CV in the hat, candidates feel actively involved in the process. Additionally, because they’re aware that not every applicant will be asked to complete an i-intro® profile, taking this step is a good indication to them that they’re one step closer to a successful outcome.

Candidates know the vacancy is genuine:

- Many candidates are aware that some consultants are contacting them solely to build a database of names, and that the vacancy is fictitious. The i-intro® system, however, because it is a more involved process, makes it clear that the role is genuine.

Candidates feel more confident about the interview stage:

- Because employers are presented with a much greater depth of information on each candidate than can be obtained from a CV, they are empowered to only call to interview the individuals that are most closely matched to their requirements. This is a great confidence boost to the candidate because, when they are called to interview, they know the employer has already reviewed their profile and is genuinely interested in meeting with them.

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Upload your CV to our secure server & send it to jobs whenever you wish. You can also make your details available to Employers & Recruiters (confidential or named) which means they can find you, as well as you finding them!

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