i-Q Intelligent Talent Acquisition

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i-Q is our unique candidate research, qualification, assessment and delivery process. The process achieves new employee retention rates of 96% over 12 months and 93% over two years.

Combining recognised tools such as McQuaig® behavioural profiling, with a bank of role specific competence-based questions, i-Q allows a gradual shift away from contingency based recruitment towards the more dependable and focused search approach.

Here’s how i-Q can help you save time and money:

  • Defining roles just got easier – Our simple job survey can be completed either by yourself or by your current employee in a similar position in less than 15 minutes. It produces a detailed description of the ideal characteristics you’re looking for that can then be inserted straight into your job description.

  • Spend less time in interviews - Behavioural assessment helps reduce your shortlist to a more manageable number and leaves you with a much faster interview process.

  • Reduce downtime – Find out what training and management style your new recruit responds to best before they even start with our behavioural assessment.

  • Boost retention rates – i-Q helps reduce employee turnover considerably. Have you ever stopped to consider just how expensive and time-consuming it can be to replace a bad hire?  Aside from the fact that you spend time and money, repeating the recruitment process all over again, means you also repeat the expense of training and induction for the eventual replacement. And it’s almost impossible to put a price on the potential for lost business and the reduced employee morale that occurs while the position remains vacant.

Tailored candidate profiles can include:

  • Role-specific competency questionnaire results
  • Executive summary written by a UR Consultant
  • McQuaig® behavioural assessment
  • Competency benchmark graph
  • Candidate video introduction
  • Candidate references
  • Full candidate CV
  • Profile photo

Do you know the cost of a bad hire to your business?

Find out how much bad hires are costing your business with our free Bad Hire Calculator

We can provide you with a full break-down on how our calculations are made for your business. Our Recruitment Process Audit™ tool will allow us to calculate:

  • Your retention rate % VS our predicted retention rate %
  • Your direct costs (unrecoverable salary, wasted management time, training cost, recruitment agency fee, lost productivity) VS our predicted direct costs
  • Your indirect costs (lost team productivity, indirect staff turnover, loss of business, impact on reputation) VS our predicted indirect costs

Benefits for candidates:

  • i-Q involves candidates with the creation of their job profile and lets them highlight the skills and experience they feel are most relevant.
  • Candidates know the vacancy they’ve been contacted about is genuine.
  • i-Q gives hiring managers much more information on each candidate than can be obtained from a CV. Because only individuals that are most closely matched to their requirements are called for interview. This is a great confidence boost to the candidate.

If you're interested to find out more information or would like to arrange a demo, please contact Dale Swords: dale@understandingrecruitment.co.uk | 01727 809 072