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Handing in your notice

This is never any easy task and it shouldn't be underestimated. Again, planning what you're going to say and how you're going to say it are going to be vital. Remember, it costs employers a lot of time, money and effort to recruit new members of staff as well as the disruption to the department.

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Usually employers act in one of three ways when handing in your notice:

1 Thank you for your time and hard work and wish you all the best in your next role. That's the easiest response to get as the employer has accepted your resignation. However, still make sure it's official with your resignation letter and leaving date secured.

2 Takes it personally and is difficult about the whole situation. Fortunately, it's not that common, however you need to remain professional and rise above this and remember you're doing it for your best career interests.

3 The counter offer. All of a sudden you gain a promotion and a pay rise due to your resignation. Sometimes this is enough to persuade an employee to stay on however beware that 90% of all counter offered candidates leave within 6 months as the underlying issues never go away. Just remember the reasons why you started to look for a role in the first place.

Tips for handing in your notice:

  • Plan it. Write down what you want to say and list the reasons why just to remind yourself. If you need to practice itwith a partner/friend then do.
  • Be firm and assertive but always remain professional.
  • Thank your manager for all their time and effort but reinforce that your mind is 100% made up and that you would likethem to respect your decision.
  • Have a resignation letter with you and get a leaving date confirmed.
  • Be selective on the reasons why you're leaving or where you're going. This information will only be used tosell against your new opportunity.

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