Video Enabled Recruitment

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We focus on enhancing human interaction rather than automating this aspect of the recruitment journey.

How we use video in recruitment

​Human interaction is vital in recruitment. That's why we’ve invested in state-of-the-art video engagement technology that allows us to present candidates to our clients in a far more efficient light while removing unconscious bias and reaching a more diverse pool of talent.

How it works:

  1. We conduct five-minute face-to-face video screening interviews using questions specified by the client.

  2. We send these recordings, which can be watched from any device, at any time, directly to the hiring manager for review. This allows them to make a more informed decision on who to progress to the next stage.

We hate wasting time

By removing the needless first stage interview and barriers to location we can cut the recruitment to hire journey by almost half. 

We understand one of the biggest frustrations as a hiring manager is time spent conducting interviews with candidates who are the completely wrong fit. We also know that a third of businesses make an immediate decision on whether to hire in 90 seconds. 

We have a solution. We use cutting-edge video technology to cut out unnecessary, time-consuming first stage interviews. Our suite of tools allows us to offer better matches, in less time. No location barriers mean we can access a wider pool of talent, and ensure the best candidates are the ones we present to you.

Here's how it works:

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Want to find out how video could boost your hiring process?
Let us know and one of the team will be in touch for a chat!

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By removing the needless first stage interview we can cut the recruitment to hire journey by almost half. 


What Our Clients Say

  • Wi5’s partnership with Jack at Understanding Recruitment has been critical for the business during an exciting time of growth, which required a quick hire turnaround of high-level technical candidates, that also importantly fitted into our company culture. I am confident in using Jack again for our next round of growth and would happily recommend his services to any hiring manager or in-house recruiter.

    Head of of Talent Acquisition


    Wi5 Technologies

  • Talent search is an essential part of any growing business. But beware, there are a lot of sharks out there looking to take a bite out of employers and job seekers alike. For me hiring is an ever-constant activity. I find the secret of success is building strong, long-term relationships with a few reputable agents whom I can trust. James is one of those. He is professional, discrete, dependable, focused and efficient. He has been helping me recruit top developers since 2015. James is always worth calling first whether you are hiring or looking for new job opportunities.




  • I have worked closely with the Understanding Recruitment team for years now. They’ve played an important role in finding the specialist and hard to find tech talent we need to strengthen Ocado Technology as a world-leading technology business and disruptive innovator. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to companies wanting to scale their growth in specialist tech areas.

    UK Recruitment Manager


    Ocado Technology

  • What stands out about Understanding Recruitment’s success is the immense challenge it is to resource and recruit top Java Developers in volume, in such a competitive market and in a sparsely populated area. Having developed a successful, tight-knit partnership with Ocado’s in-house recruitment team, Understanding Recruitment has really taken the time to appreciate Ocado’s requirements and continually deliver to the uppermost standard.

    International Recruitment Manager


    Ocado Technology

  • I worked with Alex in my role as Head of Technology Services Manager at Bourne Leisure. She helped me to recruit contractors and permanent staff for multiple roles. Alex is a pleasure to work with. Quick to understand requirements, fun to talk to, reliable in getting back to you and tenacious in finding the right candidate.

    Head of Technology Services


    Bourne Leisure

  • The team at Understanding Recruitment took a highly professional approach in helping Enfield Council to fill a number of ICT roles. As a specialist technology and software recruitment company, their extensive knowledge of the market helped to refine our requirements and they formed effective working relationships with the service leads to deliver fully briefed and qualified candidates for interviews. By providing a high level quality service of candidate management, Understanding Recruitment were able to represent Enfield Council, promoting our values and key behaviours. Consistently responsive in their approach, Tom and his team successfully delivered a large number of quality appointments and would certainly recommend their services to others.

    Business Partner Resourcing


    Enfield Council

  • Tom from Understanding Recruitment has been a valuable recruitment partner of Enfield Council's DDaT team. He has an excellent people-centric approach that goes beyond just matching skills and experience to a job spec. Tom has an excellent understanding of the market and the technical sector.            

    Head of Information Management & Technology


    Enfield Council

  • Arjun is the type of tech recruiter I like to work with; alongside strong knowledge of the sector, he also works well with an internal TA team and shows confidence in his placement ability. He listened at the first intro meeting as to how I like to work (we will come to you and don't send mass CV's!) and ultimately placed strong candidates when we asked him to work on a role. Look forward to working with him again in my next role!

    Talent Acquisition Manager



  • We owe you a big thanks Tom! The interviewee mentioned that he wasn't actively looking, but when you reached out, the presentation you gave about our company was "too interesting to resist". You've done a tremendous job helping us fill some key roles in the UK and I appreciate your partnership!

    Talent Acquisition Consultant


    Domino Data Lab

  • Understanding Recruitment are not your typical agency as they really do put in the extra effort to understand your requirements, technical and from a business perspective. Chris and James were a pleasure to deal with and worked hard to find us the right person for the role.




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