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Our Talent Solutions

We offer a range of talent solutions to suit your recruitment needs.

  • Talent First

    • Access to our unique talent pools
    • End to end candidate management
    • Detailed data & insight reports
    • Dedicated point of contact
    • Targeted digital advertising campaigns
    • Optional add-on: Flexible Pop-Up recruitment team
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  • Talent Plus

    • All the benefits of Talent First
    • Exclusive partnership​​
    • Bespoke project team 
    • Quarterly reviews with monthly data report
    • Applicant tracking systems
    • Legal, HR & Compliance Support
    • Optional add-on: Flexible Pop-Up recruitment team
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  • Talent Partner

    • All the benefits of Talent Plus 
    • Flexible Pop-Up recruitment team
    • ​Psychometric profiling 
    • Marketing campaign
    • Candidate information packs
    • Calendar management
    • Offer management
    • Diversity & inclusion analysis
    • Technical testing
    • Video interviewing 
    • Bespoke management interview training ​
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  • Talent Accelerator

    Created especially for Tech Start-ups:

    • Recruitment project plan
    • Market analysis
    • Marketing Support 
    • Legal, HR & Compliance Support
    • Optional add-on: Flexible Pop-Up recruitment team​
    • Flexible pricing model
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The Understanding Recruitment Team

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Building Careers. 
​Shaping Futures.

We're an award-winning technology, software and digital recruitment consultancy. As well as covering the UK, we also operate in Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding tech hubs.

We're taking a fresh approach to recruitment which means we have much more to offer you than just being order takers. We put the understanding into recruitment, go the extra mile and deliver exactly what you need, every time. 

When you work with us,
we won't let you down.

Specialist Teams – Our evolving team of specialists operate across Java, DevOps & Cloud, Front-end, .NET, Machine Learning & AI, FinTech, Project / Programme and Product Management, Cyber Security, Infrastructure & Support, Testing & QA, Architecture & Design.  

Geographical Expertise – Our consultants are constantly growing their ecosystem of highly skilled professionals. Whether it's UK wide or in the US, we make sure we have the talent you need.

Permanent & Contract Recruitment – As well as securing you the best talent available for permanent assignments, we also find the very best contractors and interim professionals who can hit the ground running, whether it’s for a one-off vacancy or larger-scale project.

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What Our Clients Say

  • The CRM & Insight team at Save the Children has been working with Tom Rankin at Understanding Recruitment for 4 years to help with the recruitment into the very specialist roles of Data Planners, Data Quality Officer, Digital Analysts, Marketing Analysts and Database Specialists. Tom is always very proactive in his approach.  He will speak personally with the recruiting managers to ensure he fully understands the role and most importantly the skills required for a candidate to be successful.  Tom has also made it a priority to understand Save the Children as a whole and he is able to sell what a great place the organisation is to prospective candidates, giving them added incentives to want to work with us. Throughout the recruitment process Tom is diligent in keeping in contact with recruiting managers to ensure the candidates he is putting forward meet the criteria, if they are falling short of the mark, Tom will revise his search criteria and introduce more suitable applicants. In short, I would describe Toms strengths as really getting to know both the recruiting organisation and potential candidates so he can make the perfect introduction.

    - Data Import & Integrity Manager


  • Understanding are by far the best agency I have used in terms of really thinking through what the requirements of not just the role, but also the culture of the company and the team are, and this means the candidates presented are usually the best available at the time. I always recommend Understanding.

    Tanya - Global Media Group


  • Great flow of candidates, high quality, speed of response was amazing.

    Yelena – Accountant Software Consultancy


  • Quick, efficient, smooth communication through and through.

    Marie-Anne - Software Company


  • I have dealt with a number of recruitment agencies in the past (mostly from a candidate side) and James shows honesty and integrity that I have not found elsewhere. I actually first spoke to James when looking for a role and it has been a pleasure working with him since I joined the other side of the fence!

    Matt - Software Company


  • Tom and Understanding Recruitment as a whole are a pleasure to deal with. They send an excellent quality of candidates and far exceed our expectations time and time again. We would have no hesitation in recommending Understanding Recruitment to anyone within the industry looking for a high calibre of candidate.

    Kathryn - Foreign Exchange Company


  • Good quality candidates screened and prepared well.

    Nick - National Charity


  • I like the honesty and clarity of communication. Dale works hard to really get a deep understanding of the roles being filled and the organisation generally. Also, he uses the feedback of each candidate and interview to refine the candidates, so each assignment tends to get closer to the brief as the recruitment progresses.

    Will - Internet Marketing Service


  • Dealing with James is a world apart from working with a typical recruitment agent. He is courteous, professional and never pushy but is still fully able to present a strong case for his candidates. His style and approach is why I was happy to work with him in the first instance and why I am happy to continue doing so.

    Nicola - Business Solutions Provider


  • Dan found a Digital Information and Support Manager for Lymphoma Action. He had seen that I was advertising the position and, having secured a similar helpline role for the MS Society, he knew that Understanding Recruitment could add value to this process. Dan took the time to get to know our organisation and understand the role, and he had frequent communication with myself and the senior recruiting manager. We were happy that UR were to be the sole agency working on this role for us. Throughout the recruitment process Dan acted as an excellent conduit of information between ourselves and the candidates he put forward, providing two-way feedback following the interviews. When we offered the position to the successful candidate, I felt that we already knew a great deal about her from Dan’s dealings with her prior to the interview. Dan was also willing to do some additional work for me with regards to references, following the appointment. Our new Information and Support Manager has settled into the role really well and will prove to be a great asset to the charity.

    - HR Officer


  • Dan contacted us to offer his support in filling our vacancy for a new role in Doctors of the World: Digital Fundraising Manager. We had been unsuccessful in filling the role through our own channels and needed agency support to reach the best candidates. Dan took the time to talk through our requirements and fully understand the organisation and sort of person we would need for the role. We were under quite a constraint to fill the post and Dan was able to quickly identify some strong candidates for shortlisting. The profiles of the candidates sent were in line with our expectations. Dan was quick to respond to any questions we had and to make arrangements for interview, communicating well with candidates and ourselves to make it proceed smoothly. It was a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Dan if we are recruiting in the future.

    - Director of Development


  • Wi5’s partnership with Jack at Understanding Recruitment has been critical for the business during an exciting time of growth, which required a quick hire turnaround of high-level technical candidates, that also importantly fitted into our company culture. I am confident in using Jack again for our next round of growth and would happily recommend his services to any hiring manager or in-house recruiter.

    Andrew - Wi5 Technologies Ltd


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