Case Study: BidFX

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BidFX is a FinTech start-up on a mission to disrupt the foreign exchange market. Over the years, we've worked closely with their team, finding them the technologists they need to make the cool stuff happen!

When BidFX wanted to accelerate its growth by hiring 21 tech professionals our Talent Partner solution helped them do just that amidst a global pandemic.

BidFX is a FinTech start-up on a mission to disrupt the foreign exchange market.

Headquartered in London, BidFX is a small but fast-growing company with big, global aspirations. They operate a successful core trading platform, with direct connectivity to all major banks, fronted by a sophisticated trading user interface and were acquired by the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2020.


Ever since BidFx was founded, we've worked closely with their Chief Technology Officer, Paul Sweeny. Over the years we have successfully found a number of permanent and contract technology professionals for them.

When Paul mentioned plans to really ramp up hiring to a much higher volume at the end of 2019, it was clear that BidFX needed a scalable recruitment solution. 

They wanted to secure 21 technologists in only six months time, rapidly accelerating their growth. As well as reducing time to hire, freeing up Paul's time was a priority as he had been juggling the recruitment process without the support of an internal recruitment team. It was also crucial to involve the wider team of hiring managers more in the recruitment process. 

At the time, nobody knew what a massive impact the COVID-19 epidemic would have across the world. And so we would have to adapt our way of working with BidFX to the 'new normal'.


After an initial consultation with Paul, it became evident that our Talent Partner solution offered BidFX the customisable campaign solution they were looking for.

We agreed to work with BidFX on a retained basis and took on managing the whole project, acting as an extension of their business. This instantly freed up more time for Paul and got the other hiring managers more involved in interviewing candidates.

As well as hiring for the roles, part of the challenge was actually coordinating the rest of the team and the interviews with them. While we did the majority of the leg work, the hiring managers were still very much involved at key stages and worked with us, without the direct involvement of the CTO.

Although the COVID-19 outbreak meant that we couldn't offer our Pop-Up Recruitment Team onsite every week, we put this service in place virtually instead and assigned a dedicated point of contact.
As part of our Talent Partner marketing campaign, we promoted our partnership to our 50k+ follower base across LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We also created a search category for BidFx vacancies on our website which meant we could drive more targeted traffic to these jobs.


BidFX was acquired by the Singapore Stock Exchange partway through the project so from an HR and recruitment perspective things changed slightly which also meant the headcount requirements of the project had to be adapted.

By acting as brand advocates for BidFX we reached the right people and successfully placed 16 of the 21 roles. These included Mobile Developers, Java Developers, JavaScript Developers, Front End Developers, Database Administrators, Python Developers, DevOps Engineers, and Software Development Engineers in Test.

Our team is now working on filling the remaining two positions and we look forward to our continued partnership with BidFX and the Singapore Stock Exchange over the coming years.

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