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Recruitment is all about people: what you put in, working together with your team, and the ability to change the course of people’s lives by getting them that game-changing role they’d been dreaming of. We know there are perhaps some misconceptions (or lack of information) about what working in the sector is like, so we wanted to share some of the benefits of taking a recruitment consultant job or trainee recruitment job, and celebrate all the great things a career in recruitment can bring.

Here are 8 things we think are pretty worth shouting about when it comes to what life can be like working as a recruiter:


1. Career Progression can be huge

Working in recruitment is all about motivation and enjoying the rewards of your hard work, and that’s why we have clear progression routes outlined from the start with your manager.

Hard work being rewarded is at the core of the best recruitment companies, so show you’re picking things up and soon enough you could be promoted from the Researcher role you will most likely start off in! For example, Java superstar recruiter Charlotte Young since joining as a Researcher in July 2018 went on to be promoted to Recruitment Executive and later Senior Recruitment Consultant, and most recently Managing Recruitment Consultant at the start of May 2022, and will be hiring for her own team soon. There’s also Josh Smith, who is now leading our growing Python tech recruitment team following a promotion at the start of January 2022, after joining as a Researcher only in July 2019!

We’re delighted that 90% of our managers initially joined us at a junior level and worked their way up either our client delivery or business development route!


2. You can travel the world

Many recruiters offer half-year and full-year trips, and we’re delighted that we just took 20 high performers on a Miami trip that’s been three years in the planning (due to COVID), but usually offer half and full-year holidays for our target-smashing high performers.

We also just have a trip for new starters to visit our Acceler8 Talent recruitment office in Boston, Massachusetts after hitting the ‘Road to Olympia’ target for trainee and graduate new starters.

3. You don’t need experience

Individuals from hospitality, retail, and estate agent backgrounds, have all walked through a recruitment consultancy like ours’ doors and shone – but also from some environments you may not expect, like banking and insurance!

What’s most essential to thrive in a recruitment job is being a people person, as well as having a clear drive towards achieving goals and your ability to work as a team, over whether you have a University degree and what exactly you studied. Learning and development are huge for us, so from Day 1, we’ll cater a tailor-made learning plan around your experience to give you everything you need to succeed as a recruiter.

4. Your take-home pay can quickly increase (and isn’t dependent on time served)

As a junior member of staff/trainee recruiter, your salary will start at around the £22,000 mark but can rapidly grow beyond that with competitive commission (we offer up to 40%) on placing candidates. Joining us at a more senior level as a recruitment consultant or account manager and your salary can range from around £30,000-70,000 depending on your experience, and whether you’re a Recruitment Consultant or Account Manager.


5. It’s all about teamwork

There’s sometimes perhaps a perception that being a recruiter is all on you, but in the best type of recruitment companies you’ll find it’s not a solo, ‘every person for themselves’ type of role. Our teams are carefully formed, based on who we think will fit well where to ensure they bounce off each other’s energy and support each other.

Every company runs differently, but we’re a big fan of catch-ups throughout the day as a team (virtually if working remotely thanks to Microsoft Teams) to make sure everyone has the support they need to hit their goals.


6. You’d be joining one of the ‘fastest-growing job sectors’ (and most exciting sector to be in, in our books!)

In 2022, we’re proud to have many million-pound months as the tech industry bounces back with force and companies throughout the UK looking to bolster and expand their teams. According to ZD Net, technology was one of the fastest sectors for growth in jobs in the UK last year. The resilience of the industry in part down to the quick adoption of more remote and flexible working, which has continued into 2022. We’ve embraced flexible working too, with our introduction of two days a week work from home (after passing probation) on offer for all of our team.

Working in tech recruitment, you’ll get to know one field extremely well and build long-lasting relationships in the sector (whether a household name like MasterCard or easyJet, or a start-up!), and about the tech talent that drives their success.

​7. Wellbeing is always a priority

The pandemic had many companies thinking a lot about ways to ramp up our focus on wellbeing, and we’re one of them. It’s imperative for us to take into account that there are a lot of highs (like when a candidate accepts an offer!) but also some lows (e.g. when a candidate narrowly misses out or changes their mind) in recruitment, and the lows are often out of your control as a recruiter.

During the pandemic, we set up a Wellbeing Committee including Mental Health First Aiders to look out for anyone that may be struggling with their mental health, in addition to our free gym and Calm membership, encouraging team members to take 2-hour lunches when needed, among other offerings. Some companies also offer unlimited holiday after a certain period (for us, it’s after two years), and we feel this is essential to allow our team to recharge and enjoy some time off from all their hard work.


8. You’ll be changing people’s lives every day

Last, but perhaps most importantly, working as a tech recruiter (and other sectors) can change the course of someone’s life. Whether helping someone secure a role in London after years of wanting to move there, supporting someone get out of a job they’re really unhappy at, or getting someone a salary that will allow them to put a deposit down for a house or do something else they’ve always dreamed of, working in this role means you could be changing people’s lives every week… now, how does that sound?



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