by Emily Kitamura
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Understanding Recruitment John Petrella

With over 10 years’ experience working within the Digital, Tech and IT Industry, John Petrella joined Understanding Recruitment's Contracts team in August 2020 as a Recruitment Consultant.

John, who started his working career as a Branch Manager for an insurance company, worked his way to becoming an IT Operations Team Leader and eventually found his true calling within IT and Digital Recruitment.

We spoke with John to see how he's been getting on and what it was like starting a new job remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic.


What was your career journey before joining Understanding Recruitment? 

I had been working in the recruitment industry for the past 12 years.


Why did you choose a career in Recruitment? 

I’m sure you've heard this a million times! But truthfully, I fell into recruitment. I was working within the insurance sector and started looking at sales positions – the rest is history!


How did you find joining a new company during a pandemic?  

It was definitely a different experience, but surprisingly seamless. Everyone was very welcoming. I was lucky enough to spend my first month within our offices in St. Albans and was able to meet the majority of the team in person before we moved back to working remotely.  


What do you like best about working at UR? 

Everyone has been so welcoming from the start and is very supportive of your journey.


What would your advice be to recruiters thinking about moving to a different company/different industry? 

Make sure you are moving for the right reasons and your vision is aligned with what career/journey you have set out for yourself.


How would you describe our culture? 

Everyone is super friendly and welcoming at UR and always happy to help in any way they can when needed. People genuinely want you to succeed and will offer you as much support as you need to get there.


What would your advice be to your younger self?  

Learn to code and get into IT/Development!


What have you been able to do by working from home that you couldn’t have working in the office?

I’ve been able to enjoy a good work-life balance – exercising more and spending more time with my family!


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