by Joseph Snowdon
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Joe Snowdon joined Understanding Recruitment with two years’ experience in a London based recruitment consultancy.

Previously a BI, Database & Data Warehousing Consultant, Joe now specialises in Java recruitment, specifically within the Berlin market.


What was your career journey before joining Understanding Recruitment?

Towards the end of my final year at university, I was looking at careers in recruitment. I graduated on the Monday and started work at a recruitment consultancy on the Tuesday. I was there for over two years before joining UR.


What do you like best about working for Understanding Recruitment?

Compared to where I was working before, there is a much greater customer satisfaction approach. Within the recruitment industry, there are several companies that focus on mindless KPI’s. The targets at Understanding Recruitment are a lot more relevant to the job (no targets of 30+ calls a day, cumulative time on the phone etc.) and reflect a quality over quantity approach which makes us come across a lot better to candidates and clients.


How does working in the tech industry differ from your previous industry?

I was already working within tech but the tech market I work in now is slightly different. My new market, Berlin Java, is a market going through a large expansion, so there are always new opportunities and the city has a diverse client base.


What would your advice be to recruiters thinking about moving to a different company/different industry?

Recruitment is an industry where if you’re not satisfied at your current company, it can be hard to be motivated and work to your full potential. When I was looking for a new company, I interviewed at a few other organisations, but it was only really Understanding Recruitment that I was interested in. Everyone I met during interview stage seemed genuinely invested in the company, and it was clear that every employee is treated well and given the support and encouragement to be the best version of themselves and progress through the company. The opportunities for learning (both internally and externally) started the day I joined and have continued to this day.


How does the earning potential in the tech market differ to the industry you worked in before?

The earning potential at Understanding Recruitment is greater and the commission structure is better. At my previous company, you were only able to earn a commission and there was no option to earn any bonuses. For example, if I hit my annual target here, I earn a bonus, and if I can bring a certain amount of business on, I will also earn a bonus for that.


How would you describe the culture at Understanding Recruitment?

Everyone works as one. Recruitment is a very competitive industry and can lead to rivalries within businesses, but at Understanding Recruitment that is not the case at all.  It has a really nice social environment, and everyone has been welcoming from day one. The learning environment and personal development is something that is really appealing here. Across all the teams here, everyone is supportive of individuals achieving their goals. There is no favouritism based on your level within the company – everyone is treated equally and on merit.


What would your advice be to your younger self? 

Work is where you spend most of your time awake, so pick somewhere where you are supported and encouraged to achieve your goals, both personal and professional.


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