by Alex Bloisi
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Over the past few years we've been watching the global tech trends with interest, and with our own expansion plan in full swing, we were interested to see the Berlin tech scene developing. We are delighted to have launched our German operation in Berlin this week and are excited to see what the future brings for this new European tech hub.

A Creative Community

The German capital has long been known as a centre for culture and art within Europe which automatically lends itself to attracting a vibrant and creative community within the area. This is certainly a factor when it comes to the thriving tech scene that has developed in the city. 

Berlin is experiencing growth with more start ups within tech in the city where new ventures and ideas are being created all the time. The combination of the creative community coupled with a low cost of living makes it the ideal place. In comparison to Silicon Valley or European cities such as London the cost of living in Berlin lends itself to business start ups without the financial pressure of a high cost area.

The Tech Giants are already there

It's not just the start ups favouring Berlin though, tech giants such as SoundCloud call the city home with their headquarters next door to the remains of the Berlin Wall which divided East and West Germany until 1989. Another big business who have a base in the city is Amazon who run their German operation from the capital. What started out as a customer service centre for the company now encompasses development for technologies management tools and operating systems for the Amazon platforms.

Our Future in Germany

Our new German operation is now up and running with our Head of Java, Sam McBroom heading it up alongside Java Consultant Alex Bloisi and their growing team, all of whom are looking forward to contributing to the further growth within the Berlin tech market.

For companies looking to recruit in Berlin, or candidates searching for an opportunity, please get in touch with Alex via email or by calling +44 1727 228 235.

We are also recruiting internally for German speaking team members. Please contact Emily Kitamura via email or by calling +44 1727 228 255.