by Emily Kitamura
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The Job Search Begins

By the time most of us finish university we've already had some experience in the world of work with many working part time over weekends, evenings and holidays during their studies. After all the hard work and study that's been put in over the university years then comes the job search, with most having the expectation that they will go into the field they've been studying towards with Grad Touch stating that 29% of graduates take on roles that they didn't expect to at the point that they graduated.

The real numbers...

The reality is however that not everyone ends up in the career they expected with a lengthy job search. Just last year Grad Touch reported that on average it takes 108 days to find a job once they've graduated; with a slightly shocking 20% of grads stating that they didn't feel at optimistic about their career prospects and 45% saying they were 'really worried' about their future career. It's certainly not all doom and gloom out there though as as there are some fantastic companies offering well constructed graduate programmes that strive to support their new recruits and see them progress in their careers.

What are the options?

The options for graduates searching for their first full time role are many, however it's worth pinpointing a few of the most viable options to increase the chance of securing a successful position. 44% of grads told Grad Touch that they secured their graduate role via an online job board, however in addition to taking to the internet to search for your perfect role, we highly recommend speaking with a Recruiter (of course we do!). Ideally a specialist company that works within the sector that interests you most, but that doesn't mean you should rule out areas you hadn't considered. Our other recommendation would be to apply for a graduate scheme.

Why choose a grad scheme?

Graduate schemes are specifically designed for those leaving University and entering full time employment. A good grad scheme, much like those offered by Understanding Recruitment will take into consideration that this may be your first time working in that kind of environment and offer an appropriate mentor or mentors to help you find your way and achieve success within the company. Most companies offering grad schemes will be looking to develop the grads they take on and help them to grow their skills and experience. They will usually provide a structured approach to your career development so you know what to expect from your time there from the first week onwards.

An investment from both sides

It's a big investment when a company takes on a graduate, both in terms of their time and the financial implications. There's a commitment from them to make the early months work for the person they take into the organisation, to help them to settle into their new role and to be provided with training that will equip them for the tasks expected of them. Many will have a thorough interview process - we tend to take the view that it's a two way street and needs to work for both the company and the employee. The bottom line is that a good grad scheme will provide you with the knowledge and training needed. It will support you as you progress, providing opportunities along the way and provide a firm basis on which your future career can build upon.